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Social Services

Social Services

As a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y was created in response to social challenges and remains to this day a lifeline in communities around the world.

Y Social ServicesThe Y understands the challenges that keep individuals from reaching their full potential and responds with services and support which help people to be self-reliant, productive and connected to the community. Each Y responds to the unique issues influencing the community and provides support through services focused on critical areas, such as child welfare, community health, job training, environmental education, quality of life or family services. Below are a few examples of how the Y is providing support to millions of people nationwide.

Military Outreach Initiative

Active or deployed military personnel includes:
Active military and deployed Reservist and Indiana National Guard.

  • Receive a family 6 month membership at no cost. Your membership will automatically terminate after 6 months. After that you are eligible to re-apply. Applicant must show verification of full-time active duty or deployment status.

Part-time duty military personnel includes:
Non-deployed Reservist or Indiana National Guard.

  • Applicant and their immediate family (spouse, dependent children) will receive a military membership at $19/month. This is a one year contract. Applicant must show verification of military status.



YMCAs and the military have enjoyed a relationship that predates the Civil War.