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YMCA Outdoor Sports Programs

YOUTH fitness programs

Youth Certification Program (YCP)

YCP is offered to ages 13-15. Is your youth interested in working out in the Wellness Center? Upon completion of the YCP your youth will be allowed to work out. Students will meet with the Wellness Director for approximately one hour (by appointment only).

Students will learn how to work out in a safe and effective manner. Once the written exam and wellness orientation are passed, this will enable your youth to work out in the Wellness Center. Let's help our youth learn that fitness can be fun!

Topics will include: Y history, nutrition, cardiovascular & strength training, and proper use of the equipment including gym etiquette.


  • $25.00 (Must be Y member)


To Set up a YCP, Contact:

  • Call us at 260-668-3607 for more information!


Camping has been a part of YMCA programming for more than a century.